Floating Cloud II - Now until May 15th, 2024

Your North Saint Paul Studio

A new studio, designed with you in mind. If you or your clients love a clean, minimalistic and timeless feel, you're in the right space. Our studio is located in North Saint Paul in the McKnight Plaza, and studio rental is available now! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates, and be sure to tag us when you use this space. We'd love to feature you!

For the creative minds
JB Studio & Co introduces:


Enjoy getting classic headshots

Enjoy our pink seamless backdrop for your upcoming sessions. Backdrop is available for use now.

Day Bed for your session

Cozy is the way to go

Get comfy on our daybed filled with tons of throw pillows and pink blanket. Snuggles during sessions are a must.

Pink Bench + Overshized Chair

New items for your convenience

We included 2 new pieces of furniture for February install. Enjoy a pink bench for your session, or use this classic oversized sherpa chair. Perfectly curated for your next session!

Off White Seamless Backdrop

Great for timeless family portra

In addition to our pink backdrop, we have an off-white seamless backdrop available for use. More colors to come soon!